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Filecoin Plus community governance calls happen every other Tuesday - use the Filecoin community calendar to join and make sure to participate in #fil-plus on the Filecoin Slack too.

If you are looking to apply for DataCap as a client, then head over to the program portal here.

If you are interested in applying to become a notary for the program, then head to the notary governance repository here.

What is Filecoin Plus and who is it useful for?

Filecoin is a distributed market for cloud storage. In order to maximize the amount of useful storage that Filecoin can and will support, the Network innovatively introduced a layer of social trust through Filecoin Plus. Clients use a novel resource, DataCap, to make deals with miners who are greatly incentivized to store their data as it increases their share of block rewards over time.

Root Key Holders, Notaries, Clients, and Miners, interact through the allocation and spending of DataCap. DataCap is granted in batches to community-selected Notaries, who in turn, allocate it to trustworthy Clients that spend the DataCap to fund storage deals. Miners that receive DataCap receive a 10x boost to their quality adjusted power for the storage space offered in that deal, which increases their block reward share in the Network. This creates a mechanism that incentivizes all participants to make Filecoin more useful.

Read here on the Filecoin blog for a more detailed introduction to the program.

What are the core principles of the program?

Read here for a full discussion on the principles of the program in the initial FIP proposing the program.

How to get involved and key links

Join #fil-plus on the official Filecoin Slack and participate in our bi-weekly community governance calls every other Tuesday - use the Filecoin community calendar to join.