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Submissions to Wave 6 grant proposals are due January 15, 2021 for priority consideration. We will continue to evaluate new proposals after that deadline as capacity allows. See here for the full list of proposals we are seeking to fund.

As the Filecoin Ecosystem continues to grow, more projects are being developed that facilitate an exciting range of storage applications, developer tools and integration experiments.

In addition to the recent launch of Fil+ to maximize incentives for storing useful data on Filecoin, and Phase 2 of the ongoing Slingshot storage competition, Filecoin Dev Grant projects are also paving the way for interesting use cases and tooling for the protocol. Over the past year, the Dev Grant program has awarded about 40 projects to date, out of 140 total proposals submitted by the community.

Outlook for Wave 6 Have an interesting idea for a storage application, developer tool or experimental project idea? Grant proposals for Wave 6 are due Jan 15th at 23:59 PDT for priority consideration. Apply at by making a PR to the dev grants repo. For questions, reach out to us in Filecoin Slack in the #fil-devgrants channel or contact [email protected]

See our Proposal Guidelines about how to apply.

Have a question about anything? Email [email protected]

The Filecoin Dev Grants program exists to

We are looking to fund the talented and eager teams that want to work with us to build a more robust, efficient, and decentralized web. Broadly we are categorizing grants into following technical areas:

See our Github repo for a more in-depth introduction to the grants program. Please also note that you can submit a proposal for an open grant at any time.